Website feedback tool Kiss or Splat logo


Feedback buttons on the Kiss or Splat toolbox

Cancel the tool and close the toolbox if you change your mind.

Switch between a kiss and a splat by selecting the appropriate icon.

View the heatmap of kisses and splats left by others on an overlay.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all functions are available on all sites.

Using the website feedback buttons Kiss or Splat on the page

The tool is very easy to use: You can simply ignore the icons and click on something on the page to try it out.

After you've done that, check out the other options.

Switching between the website feedback buttons

Depending on the feeling you wish to convey, you can switch between a kiss and a splat before you click on something on the page.

Switching between horizontal and vertical Kiss or Splat toolbox layouts

If the toolbox is covering what you want to click on, click on the selected icon (kiss or splat) again to get the toolbox out of the way.

Comment box appears on a Kiss and a Splat

Click on your kiss or splat while it is visible on the screen and a comment-box will appear where you can leave a comment of up to 255 characters.

Kisses left by others as website feedback on the page

The semi-transparent overlay with kisses/splats left by others displays exact click locations as dots and approximate click locations (due to design differences on differently sized devices) as blurred paint marks. Select the kiss tool to view kisses, the splat tool to view splats before activating the heatmap.

Code to copy to install the Kiss or Splat website feedback tool

The basic version of the tool is completely FREE. Installation is as easy as copy and paste: All you have to do is to provide an email and register your domain to receive two small pieces of ready-made code from us to insert into the code of your website. Different options we provide are explained in detail at our site.